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jerkin jimmy
02-13-2008, 09:33 PM

Currently seeking boaters and non-boaters to join our bass club for the 2008 season.

NOVA Bass Anglers is a local bass club in the Woodbridge, VA, area. We're a member of Region 1, Virginia BASS Federation and the BASS National Federation. This provides our members the opportunity to qualify all the way to the BASS Masters Classic by fishing club, state and regional tournaments.

Our club members represent a wide range of different backgrounds and personalities. The one thing we have in common is the love of bass fishing. We support each other by sharing information about what we know and learn from those around us. More importantly, we share our friendship!

The purpose is simply to provide an organization for devoted bass anglers who enjoy fellowship and competition. To promote an awareness and adherence to all fish and conservation laws. Learn from other members and strive to become better anglers. To support those club members who earn a position on club teams to advance within the Federation. Respond to civic responsibilities and promote and encourage participation by the youth of this area.

As Federation members, you advance to state level tournaments by participating in club and Region events. At the state tournaments (Fall Classic, Six Man Team Tournament, Mr. Bass Tournament), you can qualify for the Eastern Division Tournament sponsored by the BASS Federation. From there you may qualify for the National Federation Tournament and on to the Bass Masters Classic.

Like many bass fishing clubs, ours try to give ordinary guys a chance of moving to higher levels of competition. However, some anglers simply want a place to enjoy some friendly competition with other fishermen. It's a personal choice of how hard you work or practice! Your dream may be different from the guy in the back of the boat. Either way, a good place to start is a federation club such as ours. If you're interested in becoming a better angler, find a club near you. You'll support this great sport by being involved with the BASS Federation and your state federation.

For the 2008 season we fish seven draw tournaments beginning in March and ending in October. The club conducts meetings the first Tuesday each month at Famous Dave’s BBQ in Woodbridge at 7:30pm. We discuss any issues, upcoming events, and draw boat numbers and pairings for the next club tournament.

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