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04-02-2008, 01:29 PM
Heading down to the James/Chick on Friday to pre fish and Saturday for the tx. Never fished it - so looking for any insight/experience any of you may have on the fishery......


04-02-2008, 03:09 PM
Senkos, a wacky rig, a black oz Jig, creature bait like the Speed Craw, white or bubble gum flukes or floating worms are a few of my favorites. Spinner baits and small crank baits always work. Call Lin Bell who is the owner of Fishing Pro-Tech bait and tackle in Toano. He will tell you what the hot bait and colors are for the chick at this time of year. If you need something and can’t get to his store by closing he has a night box. He will put your order in it and you go and pick it up. The number is 757-566-4307. Do you know who won the WBS this past week end on the Potomac? Good luck!

Big E
04-02-2008, 03:35 PM
Where are you putting in at for the tournament? Are you going to fish the James or the Chic?

04-02-2008, 04:14 PM
Thanks for the tips Jim

Do you know who won the WBS this past week end on the Potomac? Good luck!


They have the results in the pdf format.

Where are you putting in at for the tournament? Are you going to fish the James or the Chic?

Chickahominy Riverfront Park is where we start - not sure where I'll be fishing as I'm a co-angler and at the mercy of my boater.....

04-02-2008, 09:10 PM
Gman, if you go to the james a Killer B - 2 crank baits is a must have. If you go in the barge pits a senko, jig, and wacky rig. Sometime swimming a two or three inch green or smoke grub works really well on a shallow flat. Thoes fish will surprise you on just how shallow they will be on either river.

04-02-2008, 09:12 PM
slow roll spinnerbaits in white at the base of cypress trees. on the chick they bite better with an outgoin tide.

04-03-2008, 12:13 AM
more than likely you will be fishing in the chick, because the run from rirverfront upto the barge pits, and that area of the james is almost an hour. Spinnerbaits around cypress knees, as well as emerging grass is an excelent pattern. Also fishing anything on the first drop near a spawning flat will be productive. more than likely you'll be in one of the major creeks, fish it justr like you would any other lake. Fish sometrhing you have confidencer in, the chick has a ton of fish in it, and some big ones to boot. Good luck.

04-03-2008, 10:44 AM
Hey G-Man! When all else fails Chartreuse Dynamite works! Red is not as good, HAHA!

04-05-2008, 07:10 PM
We had a pairing meeting last night and when I asked my boater - how many times he fished the James - he said, "besides today, never":eek: Was a nice guy. In fact he looked familiar to me - and today figured out the reason why - he was a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians the same time I lived in Cleveland. Anyway - back to the fishing....we took about a 20 minute ride up the Chick. It was low tide at the start of the day. We throwing spinnerbaits, shallow running cranks, junebug worms, and black and blue jigs in REAL skinny water. Boater got bit on a shallow crankbait early. Once the tide rolled and we started to get some current - we went up to some railroad tracks. I was pitching a YUM plastic craw and caught my only fish. Very interesting fishery. Winning weight was just over 16#. haven't seen all the stats yet....non boaters weight was around 8 I think.....