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02-07-2010, 02:33 PM
(Ceratophyllum demersum L.)
Coontail is usually less than a meter long and is found in relatively quiet water. It has clusters of finely-forked leaves that appear bushy (like a raccoon's tail) at or near the end of the stems. Leaves have small teeth along one side and are sometimes stiff with a coating of lime. Coontail may harbor up to 50% more food organisms for fish and waterfowl than other aquatic plants because it has many fine branches available for colonization by small aquatic animals.


02-07-2010, 02:57 PM
Hey B, I'm gonna have to see if their is another species of coontail. The potomac is definitely not quiet and usually the coontail is more than a meter. In new york we would find coontail growing out in deeper water and usually at a minimum of 6-8 feet from the bottom, occasionaly seeing it top out at 15 foot depths. Nonetheless the picture is coontail, which once you pick up a few pieces on a bait becomes easy to identify.

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02-08-2010, 11:53 AM
great picture stripe, coontail is IMO the easiest for anglers to identify.