View Full Version : 5 NIP RI Swamp Donkeys

07-12-2011, 11:41 AM
I have 5 NIP Swamp Donkey by Reaction Innovations. If you havent tried these, you just wouldn't understand. Arguably the absolute best hollow body non-popping frog ever produced! These were put out of production about 3 yrs ago due to RI's financial issues and not being able to pay their over seas production company. These sell for their weight in gold on online auction sites.

I have 1 each of the following for sale as a lot:

1 yellow bill (my favorite Potomac Color)
1 Flamingo
1 Mellow Yellow
1 Lime Chart.
1 Lemonade

Only reason I am selling is I broke a really expensive frog rod I need to replace. I also have the annual motor check coming up, and I just paid in full for a 3 week honeymoon to the keys. I am kinda out of pocket :Swear: I guess getting married I will be even more out of pocket, probably no more Steez rods for me :Juggle:

I am asking $95 shipped for them, or if you meet me @ a ramp or on the river I can reduce it a few bucks.