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Thread: public archery ranges. are there any?

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    Default public archery ranges. are there any?

    any public archery ranges in the new river valley area? i was sighted in great before i moved here but i need to shoot awhile just to check after the move. cant find anywhere to shoot!

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    Simple answer, No, there are no archery ranges.

    I do remember hearing that at the Blacksburg Shooting Range they call it a Shotgun/Archery range. (I have never seen anyone do archery there, however, I did find an arrow once) You will have to bring your own target and if there are anyone shooting shotguns, they will look at you like you are crazy. It is also the busiest range next to the NRA headquarters.

    My advice is to grab a decent target, find yourself some land and have at it.

    Blacksburg Shooting Range

    North of Blacksburg. Take U.S. Route 460 north to Route 621, turn right and follow the signs to the shooting range on the left. This range offers two facilities; an 18-position rifle/pistol range designed for firing at stationary targets and a single position shotgun (trap) range. New River Valley Ranger District, Blacksburg Office, 540-552-4641.

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    Your back yard?

    I'm no archery guy, but I live in a fairly well populated area with fairly small yards. There are several folks in my neighborhood with targets in their back yards that are pretty well shot up.
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    thanks guys. no go in my yard. i'm renting for now and the yard is'nt condusive at all. little old ladies houses waaay too close for it.

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