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Thread: Need help with TM Interference with Lowrance and Minnkota (Universal Sonar 2)

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    Default Need help with TM Interference with Lowrance and Minnkota (Universal Sonar 2)

    Here is the short and skinny of my problem. Ever since I bought my boat I've had electrical interference when I push the button on the trolling motor. I have a lowrance 520c on the bow and a MinnKota 24v Maxxum pro with Universal Sonar 2 on the bow.

    I'm currently using the U2 Sonar transducer and still getting interference when I tap the button..enough so it blacks out my screen. Does anyone have any idea how to eliminate this?

    The sonar is running from the starting battery and the wires are run down different sides of the boat.
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    Hummingbird developed a solution to that problem for their electronics but it figures that Lowrance is way behind on this! I have the same problem Mark with my Minn Kota and lowrance. Taking a jumper wire and running it from the neg post of the trolling motor battery to the neg post of the cranking battery will get rid of a lot of it but not all. The next thing to do is to run an additional wire from the trolling motor head (Via the clamp that holds the transducer on) to the neg side of the trolling motor wiring where it plugs in at the bow of the boat. The last thing to do is to NOT run the transducer cable down the trolling motor wiring sleeve. You want to keep the transducer wire as far away from the trolling motor wiring as you can.
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