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Thread: Late Season Muzzleloader Tactics

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    Being my first post please correct me if I mess up any protocol. This year has been a good year in the woods and I have had 16 buck sightings and believe them to be 9 different bucks. I had a freak south wind kick up at 4.30 pm on the first day of rifle season and at the exact moment I was putting the crosshairs on a 10 pt that I have hunted three years the whole top of a tree crashed about 30 yards in front of the deer. The deer heard it first and had ran 50 yards before I heard the first creak or pop...Geez...what are the chances of that happening? So my questions is what do you look for in terms of times , places and technicques for late season muzzleloader season? Thanks
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    Food sources will be the priority. You may get some second rut activity with some fawns coming in but still the food is where its at. You may want to set up in a transition area to catch them coming to the food source. Chances are the bucks are not getting to the food source until dark. I would try to hunt as close to the bedding area as possible without spooking the deer.

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    The area has no good acorns that I could find this year, all the acorns I found were hollow or rotten or wormy inside. I assume the deer will eat browse and there are some fields they visit near dark. I think I will reposition my stand and watch the trails from what I think the bedding areas are . It is just so hard to sit in that stand where you can only see about 80 yards or so it seems

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