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Thread: 2012 Angler Of The Year Details

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    Angler of the Year is a points based award that is based on points. AOY points begin with the March 31 James River tournament and end with the September 15 Potomac River tournament. This is an individual award not a team award - you do not have to fish with the same people through out all 7 events. Your points are earned based on where you finish for that event regardless of who your partner was.

    Points are earned in the following ways:
    1. Everyone fishing a tournament will receive points.
    2. Points begin at 100 for a first place finish,
    each place thereafter is two point less. 2nd gets 98, 3rd gets 96, etc. (both you and your partner that day receive the same number of points)
    3. Those anglers not weighing any fish will all receive the same number of points which is one less than the last anglers that did weigh fish.
    4. Angler weighing the biggest bass at each event will receive an extra bonus point.
    5. Bonus points are awarded for weighing a limit, weighing the biggest bass, and finishing in the top 5 etc.

    Your worst two events will be dropped - this is the points based on your best 5 events.

    For questions or comments PM myself or Jay Taylor (JayT) the tournament director

    Tie Breakers - In the event that a tie occurs (again...) tie breakers will be decided in the following manner:
    First Tie Breaker - Highest average finish over the 5 best events
    Second Tie Breaker - Total number of tournament wins
    Third Tie Breaker - Total big bass awards
    Fourth Tie Breaker - Total weight
    Last option is the cage match - 2 men enter 1 man leaves...
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