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Thread: Cat fishn report feb 22-2012

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    Default Cat fishn report feb 22-2012

    atarted off the day with the end of outgoing tide...anchored fishn with gizzard shad and live eels....not a bite on shad.....2 minutes into anchoring we had a cat on well over 50 to 75 lbs and a 20 minute fight ensued,then like freaking clock work...ka pow..the line snapped..this was brand new 60 lb line..always a 8 ought hook and 8 oz sinker...then we had another run that lasted 60 seconds and let it go....VERY FINNICKY...THEN 20 MINUTES LATER WE HAD ANOTHER RUN......he actually bent rod all the way over.....not sure how we missed him....we moved up to the osborne landing hole with again live eels cut in half and you have to make a hole in there head,there is a secretion that come from eels that puts cats in over drive...4 rods down and anchored.....sunny to partly sunny..winds to 24 mph gust..water temps from 44 to 50 degrees..all fish were caught in 48 plus ft of water.......water was cleaner than ive ever seen it......20 minutes in one hits and the fish is hooked,
    wife brings to boat..approx a 4 to 5 lb cat.....released for another day.........5 minutes later..wife has another cat on....approx 6-8 lbs..all fish on eels..would not touch the shad..4 times out and all they want in eels..attached is pics of her nice little cats....released for another day...that hole in front of osborne is on fire,we wanted to go to jimmy deans hole but wind was viscious and unfishible.....lost 2 more then called it a day....all in all it was a good day on the james.

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    Cool t-man, sounds like yall had a big one get away. Good news is sounds like your in the right spots though. Keep at it and youll land a giant. Those eels are incredible. I was always amazed at how I could cut one in half, run a hook through its head, chunk it on the bottom of the james, pull it up 45min. later and it was still wigglin. Crazy.
    You cant catch'em if your baits not in tha water.

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    hey TM where are you getting your shad from?
    VA Outdoors Tournament Director

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    Nice pics

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    nice pictures

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