After a quick lunch we were back on the water. My original plan was to head up lake for the afternoon, but after what I seen this morning down lake, those plans changed. I really thought the bite would pick up for the afternoon. We did manage to catch around 10 fish with one of them going 6lbs 5oz, the bite progressively got worse as the day went on.

All of our fish except for 1 came on the Burton Minnow in either CC Shad or CC Special. The one fish that I caught off of a bed was a very aggressive 2lb male. I threw a Burton Craw in the bed and he blew it away from the nest. I quickly switched to a 3.5 Yum Wooly Hog Tail and he crushed it. I released him and he swam right back to the bed and was chasing bluegill almost immediately!

I moved to a low pressure area of the down lake region and there was several fish cruising and starting to pair up. This coming week should be a lot of fun. I was on the phone with a potential client and Scott hooked a GIANT!!!!!!!! The 6-5 piggy ate a CC Shad and was very acrobatic. She must have jumped completely out of the water 3 times. The 8lb test IZORLINE held up fine after 3 long runs and Scott having his drag a little to tight for my liking. She was in the boat and was going to get her picture taken. The fish measured 22 1/4" long and is the second citation of the year for the guide service.

I am open the 27-28-29 of the month if anyone wants to get in on this FEED FOR ALL!!!!!!!
Just shoot me an email and we will get on the water this last week 0f March. Next month I only have 4 days left available for guiding, the 2 (am only) 24, 25 & 30. If you would like any of these days, get in contact with me ASAP.

The water temps ranged from 67-74 degrees.

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