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Thread: Took the kids out 1st time to river...4/6/12

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    Default Took the kids out 1st time to river...4/6/12

    Hit Ancarrows for 2-3 hours with kids today. 1st trip there. Kinda crowded. Tried for some shad with some other boats in area. Didnt get any shad. Kids did get some catfish and white perch, both a first for them. Then I tried another spot to stretch legs and have lunch, during that I noticed few boats hitting some stripers. I landed my biggest striper out of the James from that spotm was 26 inches and 7.5lbs, was fat feeding on white perch. Missed a couple others. Was almost low tide when we fished......


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    Awesome, way to go and take the kids along, sounds like a great time. And congrats on the striper, thats a nice river chunk.
    You cant catch'em if your baits not in tha water.

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