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Thread: Not Holding My Mouth Right?

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    Default Not Holding My Mouth Right?

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to post a quick report along with a link to some pics from my recent trip down to 14th St bridge. Water was very clear and fishing was pretty tough - didn't see many shad being caught but I'm sure they are there as evidenced by the success of the regal Osprey. I'm still new to shad/ striper fishing so I'm sure I'm just not "holding my mouth right."

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    Cheers - SRM

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    Nice pic
    You cant catch'em if your baits not in tha water.

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    Cool man. I haven't fished up there in years. We used to catch good smallmouth up there. Also used to hook into some nice stripers on crankbaits and sassyshad

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    Default Night fishing?

    Has anyone been having much success the past few days? I ran into a guy that said the fish were there in masses about 2 weeks ago, but that it's been really tough lately. Just curious if anyone had thoughts on that. Also, has anyone tried fishing between 14th and Ancarrow's at night? I wonder if given the tides and water clarity that might not be an ideal time to get hooked into a striper.

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