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Thread: If you're ever in Martinsburg, WV

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    Default If you're ever in Martinsburg, WV

    My brother (a gun nut), sent this to me yesterday. I intend to make it there to see this soon.

    Went over to the ATF building here in Martinsburg with my son-in-law (Jeff)
    yesterday. OMG! They have one (firearm) of everything in their "reference"
    library. Old, New (brand new), American, Foreign, Exotic, you name it. It
    was unreal! When we first walked in the outer display room, they had a cart
    of approximately thirty M4's just piled on top of one another. The other
    side of the room they had a shopping cart full of AK-47's. As soon as we
    walked into the Main "reference" library, they had a whole rack of Thompson
    submachine guns. They had one Italian suppressed "Trap" shotgun.
    Suppressors ... they had probably a dozen drawers of every known suppressor
    made (legal, illegal, manufactured, home-made). They even had suppressors
    that were available via mail order from back in the 1930's. They had 50
    cal, 30 cal, machine guns, submachine guns, semi-auto, single shot, rifles,
    shotguns, pistols, mortars, rocket launchers, RPG's, home-made firearms like
    tire-iron guns, pen guns, they even had a German SS belt buckle gun in mint
    condition (6 - 22 cal barrels with 6 triggers). They had one Mini-gun that
    some Navy Seal had tried to sell to an undercover agent. The guy that was
    showing us around even showed us how quick it was to change the barrels out
    on one of their many World War II German MG34 machine guns (referred to as
    the Buzz Saw). We were there for about four hours and still didn't get to
    see all of it. And the great thing... we could pick up any gun we wanted.
    ANY GUN! The Browning BAR sure felt nice. Very interesting place. I was
    starting to drool when Jeff finally dragged me out of there. I really need
    to get a job there!

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    Didn't even know that what there. I need to look that up!

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