From the July Issue of VA Outdoors Magazine

In this segment we will look at two fairly common shooting mistakes and how to make corrections to improve your accuracy.

Problem 1: I am a right handed shooter who is new to shooting and I seem to constantly being shooting low of center.

This could be a range of things but most commonly its caused from anticipating the recoil. When this happens its not uncommon for a shooter to push the nose of the barrel downward in anticipation. One way to work through this is to unload the handgun of any live ammo and reload with “snap caps”. Then practice aligning the site and dry firing. In this process you should be focused on the front site and in keeping the barrel still while slowly putting increasing pressure on the trigger in an even manner until the trigger “breaks”. Be careful not to jerk the trigger, just smooth, even pressure backwards. Your focus should be to keep the nose of the barrel dead still and repeat this process over and over before going back to live ammo.

Problem 2: I recently purchased a new handgun and I seem to be shooting more to the left of center as a right handed shooter.

The first thing each shooter should do is to make sure the handgun fits your hand perfectly. There are plenty of after market grips that can help insure a proper grip as well as the shooters trigger finger is engaging the trigger appropriately. The reason why this is important is that the error is usually indicative of shooters squeezing the trigger at an angle. If the grips are incorrect for the gun and your hand you may not be engaging the trigger with the center of the outermost pad of the index finger. You are most likely pushing the muzzle to the left because your finger isn’t in the right position on the trigger.

From the July Issue of VA Outdoors Magazine