Hey folks first off want you guys to know we have re-worked our website www.outdoor-action.biz...its a much more maitenance friendly platform so the fishing and hunting reports will be a lot easier to load.

Potomac River: I spent a lot of time in the turkey woods this past week so I only got on the river a couple days. The beggining oft he week was awesome, but after that front on Friday Saturday was a tougher road to hoe for me, but we still managed to catch a decent number of quality bass. My best areas this week were Chicamuxen, Quantico, and Aquia Creeks; we also took some bass in Occoquan but not nearly as many as this time last year, that area seems to be off to a slow start, but admittedly so I havenít fished the area that thoroughly yet. Best lures were pretty simple; a red XCalibur xr-50 lip-less crank and a Booyah Boogie bait in white.

Lake Anna: Did not fish here this week.

Turkey Hunts: We have been on a roll with our spring yard bird hunts. I am two for two with clients Jay Blue and Don Peterson, OA guide Duane Adams walked one in 25-yards and his guy who is usually a crack shot, well he missed, it happens. Birds are just a yammerin and a hammerin its by far the best season I can remember for shear numbers of gobbles that fill the morning air. A lot of hens have already been bred so its only going to get better.