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Thread: Outdoor report April 28 to May 5

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    Default Outdoor report April 28 to May 5

    Date: April 28 to May 5

    Potomac River: I hit the river in the occoquan region early in the week and spent the majority of my time in Aquia once the NE winds started blowing. The marinas in Occoquan are holding fish but mainly cookie-cutter keepers and they are getting a lot of attention. I caught most of them on weightless YUM dingers in black with blue fleck. Down in Aquia I fished marsh grass with all the high water that set up some good fishing. There were a number of lures that were producing but the best two were a red XCalibur xr-50 lip less crankbait and a white Booyah spinnerbait. We really pounded out the numbers but were all cookie-cutter 14 to 16-inch fish.

    Lake Anna: Did not fish here this week.

    Turkey Hunts: We were back on the birds again this week and OA guide Duane Adams was working several Toms each morning and had some big birds work in really close but thanks to some very untimely visits from some aggressive hens the big birds are still available
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    Thanks for the report Teddy.
    1st Place VA East FOMNTT Potomac River 2006, VA East FOMNTT Big Bag 2006, VAO Frog Only Tournament Winner 2011

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