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Thread: I am on Animal Planet today, Not the 29th

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    Default I am on Animal Planet today, Not the 29th

    I messed up, the show is on in an hour. here is the info, sorry.

    Last year I was fortunate to be in an episode on Animal Planet's Off The Hook Extreme Catches. The Episode titled "Amberjacked Up" was filmed in Poquoson Virginia and Hatteras, North Carolina.
    Animal Planet re-aired it four nights ago and will have it on again today June 16 th at 4:30 pm.

    Here are a couple pictures of me and the host Eric Young.

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    Watching it right now. Bada$$

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    DUDE!! I dvr'd this the other day and was casually watching while I was working from home. I look up and i'm like OMG THAT'S JETSKIBRIAN!!! my wife was like who? nevermind, just some guy I know from the internet...ummm yeah that sounds weird, but this dude is the man! started showing her your pictures and she LOVED the whale shots and wants me to start keeping more fish so I can cook up some of the grub you're smashing!

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    Thanks Skycruiser Man!

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    Looks like the next time it will air is on July 8th, at 9:30 PM. I will be sure to watch!

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