I took out by revo inshore 30 spinning rod and my revo inshore baitcaster this past weekend to do some inshore fishing. Both of the reels performed well and I plan on using them for freshwater purposes as well-the spinning reel for wacky rigs and other soft plastics and the baitcaster for topwater applications on the New. These are generation 4 revos and the drag is smooth on both.

I caught flounder and nothing else. The first lure I used was the Magic Redfish. I was getting hits on this lure for a long time but nothing was big enough to take it before that flounder hit it. When I went to cast it after fighting that fish, the blade flew off and I only had the one. I went to local tackle shop and they had a similar lure but it wasn't as effective. I like the action on the Magic Redfish but the durability of the lure is suspect. The second day, I caught a very nice flounder on Gulp mullet in pearl with a chartreuse jig head. This lure can be frustrating because "crumb snatchers" will bite the tail off the lure rendering it no good. The other issue is finding a container that won't leak that Gulp sauce all over your boat, truck bed, and tackle box. I bought a Sterlite food container hearing it was good, but it still can leak if not clamped with care. Its also too easy to accidentally pop off the top.

I never inshore fish and it was fun not getting skunked when I had every reason to be. I think the lures helped and perhaps Flounder are easy to catch.