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Thread: Idiot alert on the james river-would like your opinion

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    I agree I shouldn't need to worry about which f'd is where.. But being mainly a rec with no interest in tx's, I still pay attention to their schedules... I choose to fish weekdays now, screw that mess and rudeness.. When you have a lineup and call #'s, something about that tends to trigger abnormal behavior in men with a high powered boat.. I just blow it over knowing most have $60-70k in investments for fishing, and they paid a $150-200 entry fee to try and win a grand or two bwhahahahaha... I'd rather just have fun and not worry about a thing, not even when I need to be back at the ramp..

    Today we left at 9am, fishing by 10:30, and home by 8:30 and it was relaxing all day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squire View Post
    I am on TM's side here. If I want to go fishing, why should I care if there is a Tx? He obviously got his butt up early and got on his spots before the Tx guys, so he did what he needed to do. To criticize someone for not knowing or ignoring the fact a major Tx would be held, well, its all public water and if I want to fish, "damn the crankbaits, TM is on high"
    Steve you know I agree with you on the courtesy issue, and You know that I won't cut people off nor would you. We however are talking about the James River which fishes very very small with more wasted water than fishable water. i compare this to fishing Party Cove, Smallwood, the Thorofare and Marsh Island and being upset when 8,000 tournament boats show up to fish those areas.

    Is it how it should work? NO. Is it the way it is absolutely. Hell I've seen rec. fisherman like EJP act more like a lunatic than some big shot patch pirate tournament "pro"....
    VA Outdoors Tournament Director

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayT View Post
    Hell I've seen rec. fisherman like EJP act more like a lunatic than some big shot patch pirate tournament "pro"....
    That just goes without saying Jay, not the best of analogies, in my opinion. :Fishing:

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    Lets make VAO great again!
    I'm about to play my Ace

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