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Thread: Instructions for my grandsons.

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    Default Instructions for my grandsons.

    I was blessed to have been fortunate enough to have played a pivotal role in the spiritual development of my grandsons from their birth. They are ages 21 and 22 years old now. We continue to have frequent conversations about life; character; The Lord; etc.

    I have been wondering lately what is it that I would want them to know above all else before my death: whenever that may be. I guess it would be these following things.

    1. Like a sentry on duty: stay alert and always be on guard of satin's deception. His purpose is to lie: deceive; and destroy. The only way to do that is to know the truth. The only way to know the truth is to become a student of gods word. But understand this: it's not enough to know the word of god; you have to apply it to your life and live it.

    2. Be ready to share with others when and if they ask: why you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior; and why you believe gods way is the best way for your life. This is gods commandment to us. It is not our job to prove gods existence; it's not our job to defend gods sovereignty. It is simply to share the good news of gods gift to us through his son Jesus Christ.

    3. Be wise in choosing a wife. Choose a wife that loves the lord: and get married for the right reason. Also understand this: you do not own her: she is a gift to you in marriage while you are here on this earth. She is to walk beside you: not behind you and not in front of you. She is your helper: not your slave: read proverbs 31 to learn the attributes of a good woman and be wise. You should not be her first love: and you should not be the person that defines who she is or the source of her self worth. Nor should she be that to you. God should be her first love and yours. Only then will you understand how to truly love one another and enjoy marriage to the fullest. If you can't trust her with your money or she cant trust you with hers then one or both of you have a problem that needs to get resolved before you get married. When a man and woman are joined together in marriage the two become one. What that means is that whatsoever you do or say to your spouse is the same as doing it to yourself. That's about the best way I know how to explain it. Lastly: you will have disagreements and arguments: and at times these will get intense. When that happens sometimes it better to back up: shut up: and look up.

    4. God holds you responsible as the man of the house: as a husband: and as a father. The sooner you learn what those responsibilities are the better it will be for you. Your house should be a place of safety; a peaceful and happy home. A place where your wife and children want to be and the first place they choose to run to in time of trouble.

    5. And lastly: love your god with all of your heart: soul: and mind. When you learn how to do that all of your other relationships will fall into place. Also, remember God is greater and bigger than any of your problems.

    6. Almost Forgot one last lesson: give everything you do your best effort. Whether its mowing and raking the lawn; cleaning out a ditch: moping a floor or doing dishes. If your learn to pay attention to the smallest details of a menial task you will pay even greater attention to the details of more important tasks and responsibilities. If you can't be trusted in the small things you can't be trusted in the big things.

    I guess that's it. God bless and see you guys on the water.
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    If more men would follow that advice, we wouldn't be in the shape we're in right now.
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    Jim, thanks for these words to live by.

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