We have been getting some GREAT runs of nice-sized Spot on the incoming tides. We're also still getting some pan-sized Croaker and a few nice-sized Roundhead. There hasn't been much else to speak of lately.

Incoming tide is better than outgoing tide; fishing evening/overnight and early morning has been much better than the middle of the day. They're using Bloodworms, Bloodworm Fish Bites, and squid.

The next INCOMING tides START at:
5:15/5:45am Thurs morning, 5:30/6pm Thurs night, 6/6:30am Fri morning, and 6/6:30pm Fri night.

Fish the RIGHT side of the pier on an OUTGOING TIDE.
Fish the LEFT side of the pier on an INCOMING TIDE.
They've been biting better around 3/4ths of the way down the pier.

Crabbing has been a bit slow, though no one is really sure why. Contributing factors may be the high water temps and the fact that we've had a lot of rain this year. They have been biting better on low tide than high, and a bit better at night than during the day. Rotten chicken is still the best bait to use.