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Thread: Hunting Run 8/18

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    Default Hunting Run 8/18

    Rain rain rain rain....was the story of the day!

    Started out fishing hunting run in a rental john boat around 6:30am the older gentleman saw us pull up, looked at us as if we were crazy and said no one had been catching anything the past week...So I thought great were going to get wet and not catch any fish. It had been about two years since I had hit this body of water but i knew there were a lot of fish to be caught which was the goal as I was taking out my boss who is learning how to fish for bass.

    For those who have not fished hunting run there is a lot of brush but having a graph is key because we blind fished all day and I used my jig to locate the "brush" and water depth off the bank. It seems like the grass was considerably more pronounced than the last time I had been there. It reminded me off the grass in snakehead cove(thick like a carpet) with a foot or two of water over the top. The wind got a bit rough on us so we could not really fish the points very well.

    We hit started out hitting the first cove on the left working the banks out of the wind. We quickly picked up two fish on wacky rigged trick worms flick shake style. Once you get to the back of the cove there is some brush in shallower water 1- 3 ft. I picked up a buzzbait and missed the best fish of the day (maybe 2 1/2 to 3 lb) After not having much luck back there we headed out towards the dam to the next cove on the left. There is a big tree in this cove in the middle in some deeper water and I picked up another 5 or 6 fish 10-12 inches on a dropshot with a 4 inch roboworm (morning dawn). My boss caught one about the same size on the flick shake bait. Directly across from the cove there is a giant tree sitting in some deeper water from what I could tell and again picked up a couple more small fish using a 4 inch curly tail worm from bps chart. in color 1/8th oz head. The very next bay above the big tree in the middle of the cove I knew there was some brush out off the bank from previous trip. Looking for some bigger fish I tossed a 1/4 fin. jig and missed a good thump. My boss con. to throw the flick shake and caught three or four more fish all the same size. As you work your way out of this bay towards the dam there is some brush off a point that looks terrific and lots of cover but we couldn't fish it well as we basically drifted way to fast. On our way back we fished towards the ramp catching a decent 2lbr and then called it quits around 12:30 due to having water up to our ankles and the bite slowing down.

    Overall this place is really neat to fish and it has some healthy looking fish (very dark green--not sure if its strain related). I have caught some good fish here closer to the damn but its difficult to get there without draining the trolling motor on the rental ( i didn't feel like using the paddles!). If you had a graph and could mark the brush and fish structure I think you would be able to find the bigger bass. All in all my boss had fun catching a bunch of fish and it sure beats doing yard work.

    p.s. pardon the grammar
    Jeff M.

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    Nice job on a not so nice day Jeff. Thanks for the report.
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    When the weeds get established about mid June, the best pattern is only fish the outside edge which is about the 10'-12' depths. The weed points hold the most concentrations of bass.
    100+ bass a day is not unusual with that pattern.

    There are a bunch of these also:

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    what is on the left side of that first picture Wayne? Is that some isolated grass in the upper part?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PsuHntr View Post
    what is on the left side of that first picture Wayne? Is that some isolated grass in the upper part?
    That is the weed point and some scattered clumps of weeds. The black streaks are shadows of the weeds.
    The other stuff on the left side is vehicle tracks made during lake construction.

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