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Thread: No eternal Hell for the unsaved?

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    Default No eternal Hell for the unsaved?

    The Christian believes that there is an eternal life in heaven, or an eternal life of suffering in hell. I am one of those Christians; or should say "WAS" one of those Christians.

    No hell for the wicked? it looks to be true. If I am amiss I hope someone corrects me right quick. Read on.

    I heard something this past Sunday while watching a favorite pastor. After checking it out it seems to make sense.

    What he said was this.

    At the great white thrown judgement is when all those that have died not believing, (their names not written in the book of life) will be judged and punished. There will be a great resurrection of the dead. The souls of the unsaved will be rejoined with their resurrected bodies and then they are to be judged. After being judged they are thrown into the "lake of fire" as an eternal punishment. This is called the "second death". The lake of fire was prepared for the devil and his angles, the antichrist, and the beast". There are some that speculate that all those that accepted the mark of the beast during the 7 year tribulation will share in this eternal torment as well. "Death and Hell" are also thrown into the lake of fire too. As a side note, The lake of fire was prepared as an "eternal place" of torment for the devil and his angles.

    A factoid for ya; notice what it doesn't say, i.e. "prepared for the devil and his angles, AND unbelievers". That's important!

    So here is the revaluation. I have always understood that the unsaved would spend eternity in hell being tormented with fire day and night forevermore. But what the pastor taught is when the unsaved are thrown into the lake of fire their bodies and soles will be "totally consumed" by the fire. These means gone; ceasing to exists; etc. Wow: where did that come from? No eternal hell? It seems that this is not new: just new to me.

    Here is the reasoning.

    John 3:16. For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever shall "believe" in him shall not "perish" but have everlasting life. Definition of "perish" is: "come to an end or cease to exist". Its amazing how many times have I read and quoted this verse and not picked up on that.

    Definition of Eternal punishment? i.e. your punishment is being grounded to your room for ten days haha. Eternal punishment means just that; for eternity.

    The second death? Definition of death is the destruction or extinction of something. The definition of destruction is, "the act or process of destroying something or in other words abolish, rescind, or end something".

    There are other scriptures that are used to support this same conclusion as well.

    But to sum it up in a nut shell.

    When an unbeliever dies (1st death) his sole goes to a holding place. Whether that's a state or form of sleep or goes to Hades, also referred to sometimes as hell; I am still unclear on. What I am clear on is wherever it goes its a holding place. The body goes to the grave and is returned to dust from which it was made. At the great white thrown judgement that sole is rejoined with their resurrected bodies; judged and thrown into the lake of fire to be consumed, destroyed, etc. This is the second death.

    What this means of course is that the choices are no longer heaven or hell. It's a choice of choosing eternal life or eternal death; a permeant death; ceasing to exist.

    Being skeptical I searched to find out why I have believed and preached an eternal hell for all these years. I Googled the question " Where in the bible does it say there will be eternal suffering and torment for unbelievers?"

    There were no scriptures that I could find to support an eternal hell for the unsaved. All the scriptures supported the above conclusions of the second death. Wow! How could I have been so careless all these years. Lesson learned!

    I have learned that we are to be very careful when we read the word. Oh so careful. We are not to add to it. Just read it very carefully. Gods only desire is for us to spend eternity with him. Like any good parent he warns us of things that will bring us harm and wants us to have all things that are good.

    As a side note, just prior to the great white thrown's appearance is when the heaven and earth fade away at the face of god. Right after the great white thrown judgement we are given the new heaven and new earth where all who have trusted in jesus christ will spend eternity.

    It is said that future events casts its shadow before itself prior to happening. The signs of the end times is indeed casting its shadow as we speak. And I see it accelerating. If the rapture happens in our lifetime I will be gone when the 7 year tribulation begins. But if you find yourself in the middle of it try to remember this one thing. If you accept the mark of the beast you will share in satins eternal torment and suffering. It is better to die than to accept the mark.

    It would be better to avoid it altogether by trusting in Jesus Christ.

    We have two options. Chose life or chose death? I have chosen LIFE!

    God bless!
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    Good read
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    Jim, you are really making us think, and study the scripture. Thanks for the topic.

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