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Thread: Winter Seeding??????

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    Default Winter Seeding??????

    I've read articles about folks seeding during the winter months...with the thought the seed would germinate come early spring and green up much earlier than if planted say in April.

    Has anyone here tried this? I have not, that is until now. My food plots have absolutly been destroyed this year, I assume due the lack of a good mast crop. I mean, the deer have eaten them down to the dirt.

    So.... I thought with the rain this past weekend, I'd give it a whirl. I'll reply back to this thread later to give results, just curious if anyone else has tried this.


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    I have not tried this with a food plot but I do with grass seed on the yard and it seems to work very well. Anything without a fruit/veggie should be fine. If you do beets, turnips and things of that nature, the cold may be too harsh for them. I do the beets, turnips in the late summer so they can have the "toppings" to feed on in early-mid fall then have the fruit/veggie itself to munch on when the cold sets in.
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    The big risk is it staying wet to long. It will rot. What you need is to get it to germinate before that happens. Its gonna be tough inless it warms up a good bit or you can cover it.

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