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Thread: A Memorable Tank Ride

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    Default A Memorable Tank Ride

    25 years ago I was commanding a 52 Ton, M-60A1, Main Battle Tank, traveling down the side of Mt Fuji. Mt Fuji is an inactive volcano in Japan as many of you know. Mt Fuji is 12,000 feet tall and the US Marines have a base camp there used for various types of training. Anyway our tank lost its breaks on the way down. The left side of the road was a shear drop off just a few feet away and on the right side was a steep embankment formed mostly out of soft lava. Needless to say there was a little pucker factor going on with the crew after the driver made the announcement. I calmly advised the driver to shift from high to low gear and then ease the right track into the bank on the right, and keep doing so until it slowed the tank down enough that it actually brought the tank to a stop. Next I told him to put the tank in reverse to let the engine act as a break. After what seemed like an eternity we finally made it down to relatively flat terrain and safety. Knowing what to do in this situation allowed me to make the right decisions to get us down that volcano safely and it eradicated all the fear and panic from the situation that would of otherwise caused me to make some bad choices.

    There will be many times in our life when we will encounter the unexpected. We will always have troubles and problems that come with life; that is unavoidable. How you are going to deal with them is the only question.

    God said “my people perish for the lack of knowledge” and that is so true. The bible gives us the answers and solutions to every problem we will face in this life. In times of trouble; and when the unexpected happens you are going to make decisions that will affect the outcome whether it be good or bad. Knowing Gods word gives us the knowledge to make the right decisions and make the right choices on what to do and when. I encourage everyone to read the bible; to learn what God can and will do for you every moment of your life.

    God bless and see you guys on the water.
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    You are right, and most times we never even ask for help from God. This hits very close to home as the trials in my life right now seem to be compiling, but i know this too shall pass. Cause if God brings you to it, he will bring you through it but it is only possible with him. its very hard to see that sometimes till we get to the "out of control" times and i believe he lets us get there to get to the end of ourselves, lay it all down so to speak. Thanks for the words of wisdom, i see you are a true "fisher of men" keep spreading the good word

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    Great story Jim! I get lazy sometimes and don't read the bible because I've read it so much over the years and also cover to cover that I just let it sit on my night stand. There is so much information in the bible that we do need to continuously read it to keep it fresh in our minds. Little but important things can be forgotten or hard to remember sometimes if we go long periods without reading. Thanks for the reminder Jim that I need to knock the dust of my bible!

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    Our military training (classroom, driving course, TMs) prepares us for combat and the unexpected things it might bring - like failed brakes. Our spiritual training (study, prayer, meditation) prepares us for life and the unexpected things it might bring - like failed breaks [not a typo]. In both cases, our confidence in negotiating challenge comes from a firmly rooted belief that our training has prepared us to do the right thing.

    HEB 4:16 is one of my favs.

    Nice, Jimmy.

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