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Thread: If you want an amazing deal on a HDS-7 Gen 2 w/ LSS-2, here's how

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    Default If you want an amazing deal on a HDS-7 Gen 2 w/ LSS-2, here's how

    I've been looking to get a unit for the Z-7 I just bought (but haven't picked up yet!) and my awesome wife (the bargain queen) always helps me search for really good deals when I'm buying big ticket items. She found a doozie I thought I'd share with you guys if you're looking.

    I bought my unit from here

    That link goes directly to the unit. They're selling the for $1156.99, which is already better than I can find anywhere else. If you use the coupon code "happynerds10" you'll get another $10 off. I called the company, and I verified the part number (000-10869-001) on Lowrances website just to ensure it's not a refurb, and that it includes the LSS-2 bundle. It's brand new and includes the LSS-2.

    Here's the really great part. Lowrance is doing a $300 rebate on them right now. All you have to do is print the form, fill it out, and mail it in.

    So you can get a graph that will normally cost you $1299 (before shipping) for just under $900, shipped.

    I know I appreciate a great deal when I see one, and thought I'd share with you guys.
    2013 Nitro Z-7 DC, 150 Pro XS

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    nice deal, i seen some one trying to sell an old 8 with lss 1 with puck and cable for 1250, rather have a brand new for that price

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    wow. you did good.

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