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Thread: Possible Aluminum only 115hp max tournament series

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    Default Possible Aluminum only 115hp max tournament series

    Recently someone told me they were interested in starting a new circuit for aluminums only. It would be a 115hp max, but no minimum. Smaller john boat without steering wheels are also eligible but all the standard rules will be in affect( life jackets, livewells, kill switches) The schedule will probably consist of the pamunkey, Mattaponi, james and the chick. I am trying to see how much interest there would be in something like this so if u think it would be a possible option for you post up so I can get a feel for how many this would cater to. Detail aren't solid but entry fees prob in the 50-75 range.
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    Sounds like a great idea. I could be a rider, possibly.

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    I was thinking that some smaller bodies of water with smaller engines would be cool. I have a 9.9 and feel like it's a waste to hit Potomac and Anna, both huge with my boat in a tnt. Smaller bodies of water with small engines sounds good. Not sure 115 hp on James, Chick, etc... is much of a difference from unlimited on Anna and Potomac. Aren't there any smaller bodies of water out there that could hold 10 or 15 boats in a tnt?


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