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Thread: New Military Bass Fishing Club (Unit Specific)

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    Default New Military Bass Fishing Club (Unit Specific)

    Just got the go-ahead from my Unit's SgtMaj that i can start a Bass Fishing Club within my Unit. Pretty excited about this but i am realizing that it is lots of work. With looking for sponsors for the club itself and for tournament prizes. It is taking up ALOT of my time. One of things i wanted to accomplish with this club was that it would be low annual dues and low tournament fees while still being able to have good prizes since we will be having some young Marines in the club that dont make much money. The only way i can accomplish that is getting sponsors. I have been sending out emails ALL day. Probably going to talk to local business tomorrow.

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    Good on ya for doing this. Anything to get folks out there - esp the young Marines around you- is a good thing. Be patient as you work potential sponsors. Businesses in NOVA get hammered by all the tourney trails. The truth is likely to be that your members will hafta pay some entry fee to cover expenses. That's OK so long as you give them a full accounting of the uptake.

    So, to help you in your effort, Airborne will donate a collection of custom made jigs for VA waters. Will leave it to you to determine how best to divvy these out. PM me your snail mail addy and I'll square you away.

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    You may want to look to tie this into one of the other bass fishing organizations out there to help you draw on their member base, aka ABA has a military teams division. I believe BASS has a JR division otherwise your starting from scratch and you need to draw a Base of participants before you'll be able to just expand out. Clubs are hard to get started and even harder to keep running you need to balance the happy medium of club membership and then the price of each tournament entry. All the while keep everyone happy so they will continue to spread the word throughout the rest of the units.

    Some of your hardest efforts will be to come up with Tx rules and your code of ethics for your club.

    Brian is absolutly right though as businesses are pounded by people looking for freebies you need to be able to offer something to them other than just looking to take from them otherwise they won't keep you around for another year no matter how worthy your cause is. You may want to try to gain the sponsorship or tie in with a Marine Pro fisherman on one of the circuits to help you gain some momentum. I wish you luck in your endeavor and if you need any help just ask if I have the time I'd be happy to help out a fellow Marine Brother.
    Steve Sekula

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