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Thread: Tips on Food Plots

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    Default Tips on Food Plots

    I have my most success in my hunt club in Sussex Va with food plots. The soil down there is very rich and sandy. This is why i think i have so much success. i have a few plots in powhatan va where i live that dont grow nearly as well. Different soils defiantly seem to matter on how good your plot will grow. many people take soil tests and send them off to get them tested. they send back the balances of the soil and say how much lime and fertilizer your need. I am going to that this year and hopefully get a better result. please anyone post what they do for your food plots. im still learning on food plots and want to know what other people do on theirs.

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    Start with the soil test. Do it now. Then wait till results so you can form a game plan

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    We do a soil test and put the recommended lime and fertilizer in the plots as needed. Last year we sprayed the plots then burned them (got a permit to do it) and that made it easier to till. We plant a mix of oats, winter peas, and winter greens for late season. That set up has worked well for us the last few years.

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    The soil test is a must. Virginia soil is typically low on lime. I am big on clover, turnips and kale. I live in Fredricksburg and the deer killed my small plot last year. Early season they walked through the turnips to get to the clover and kale. They mowed the clover and kale down to the dirt. After the first frost, they destroyed the turnips, even dug the roots up. Tons of trail cam pictures. I plan on adding winter peas this year. Spraying and burning works great as stated above by Big E if you can get the permission. Good luck.

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    Agree 100% with Stripe, G3, and E.

    And to state the obvious.....plant around the weather forecast if you can. If you can plant just before a good rain, it helps tremendously. When you plant and it doesnt rain for weeks, the plot comes up very scattered.

    Around here... you can plant anytime from now through September... so keep a close look at the forecast and plant accordingly


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    Where in Powhatan are you? I have 90+ acres in Jefferson Landing off 522 that I hunt

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