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Thread: Inside look at FOM and a member of it!

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    Default Inside look at FOM and a member of it!

    There are two sides to the Fishers of men TX trail. There is the bass tournament side of it and then there is the Christian side of it. I hope to address both in this message. Godsí greatest commandment to us is to love one another as he has loved us and in 1 John 4:20 it says: If anyone says, ďI love God,Ē and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.

    1st the tournament side of FOM: Anglers have an expectation of consistency from one event to the next in any tournament trail. On tournament day we expect and want an organized professionally run tournament from beginning to end. We expect the highest standards of sportsmanship, conduct and integrity from each individual and everyone involved. As a Christian bass fishing trail it's even more important that we provide a great example of getting it right. It was the reputation of the FOM tournament trail that lured me to FOM to begin with. So I'd be a liar if I said I haven't had an attitude lately about the changes that have taken place in the trail and about some of the decisions that have been made. So that being said I already had a negative attitude as I headed down to the chick tournament on June 28th. Jim and I were able to put in the practice time for the chick tournament and we felt good about the results. Then two weeks before the tournament FOM announced that anglers will be able to fish chick lake, chick river, or if they wanted too they could also fish either or in the morning then trailer up and fish either or in the afternoon. So we were not happy.
    By Friday night following the meeting I had pretty much made up my mind that this would be my last year in FOM. I have fished the FOM trail for the past ten to twelve years now and have witnessed the highs and lows of it. Many anglers and friends I used to look forward to seeing at a FOM TX no longer fish it and I miss their presence.

    Since Friday night however and I have examined my heart and had time to reflect on my personal conduct and attitude lately about FOM. Once again I have to deal with my hypocrisy first. It takes a lot of time and effort to be a tournament director. To be a tournament director of a FOM division means it takes sacrifice by the individual and his whole family. Most often than not he has to use up his personal leave from work, time away from his family, and spend his own money trying to acquire new sponsors and maintain the relationship FOM has with our current and past sponsors. He has to try and find five churches that has kitchens and will volunteer to feed and clean up after 80 to 100 people at a minimum that is close to a particular launch site from Kerr to the Potomac. And oh by the way, he has to try and accommodate 50 to 100 angler egos, tow, store, and maintain the FOM trailer plus be responsible for all the contents there of and what does he get for doing all of that? He normally gets more criticism than he does thanks, gratitude or help from anyone outside of his own family or that of a personal friend or two. So I have to ask myself what's the real problem with my heart. It's easy to be a Monday-morning quarterback when you arenít playing the game or sit in the pews and criticize the pastor. I could have volunteered to be the VA East FOM director but I didn't. Paul Logan did when no one else would. And what has stopped me from doing sometime more than being just a member and competitor to help FOM become a better "Christian" tournament trail rather than just another tournament tail like all the rest. For example; how hard would it be to start a FOM food drive where at every tournament meeting an angler can bring in food stuff and drop it in a box? All it takes is a couple of boxes and a little time to load it up and deliver it to a local church. I think there are a lot of things that we as members can do to make it a better trail. Paul is doing what he believes is the right thing to do and what he needs is my support and not my criticism. What Paul lacks in experience as a diehard bass angler and bass tournament director is over shadowed by his desire to serve the Lord and to serve us. Paul will grow as a TX director with time, experience and good counsel; therefore changes made in the tournament format will get smoother and better as time passes. The core of FOM is unchanged. It's all about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and Saving Lives! In that Paul is not lacking and is leading our trail as a leader should. He is doing a fine job at it too. He is keeping us on point and focused on what our core mission is and thatís the salvation and grace of God and Jesus Christ.

    Attitudes are all about the condition of the heart. Sometimes even when I think I am right and justified in my actions and speech if there is still a little voice in me that says something isnít right then I have learned to listen to that voice. It's a warning. That's why I looked inward for the answer and not outward.

    Satin is a sneaky little devil and pun intended. Sometimes he sneaks up in my life inches at a time. I learned to tell the difference between when things are coming from the spirit of God and when they come from satin. Godsí all about loving us and us loving one another, and wanting the best for them. Wanting them to succeed and not fail. God is all about saving lives and wants us to spend eternity with him. Itís about being happy for someone when they are they are happy and sharing in their disappointment and sadness when they are going through hard times.

    It is written in the bible what love is in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7:

    ďLove is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.Ē

    On the other hand Satin comes to destroy, lie and deceive. He gets great satisfaction when we fall or stumble. He comes to divide and to destroy. Itís that simple.

    Once you can see and feel the difference between what love is and isnít then it becomes easy to see and know the truth in a matter.

    I thank God for my salvation and the Holy Spirit that lives within me. It keeps me on the right path. I am so grateful that god forgave me and we are commanded to forgive one another.

    Anytime an organization goes through a leadership change there is a certain amount of turmoil and stress associated with it and FOM isn't immune to it. I am confidant FOM will be just fine because of the current leadership it has and because of the quality of men and woman that are members and fish FOM. There isn't another tournament trail anywhere in the country where you can build the friendships and fellowship with such outstanding men and woman as you can in the fishers of men. FOM Saveís lives first and we fish tournament second. And God and Jesus Christ wouldnít have it any other way.

    I could have quoted many scriptures and come up with a few metaphors for this message but I decided to put it in real terms, for real Christians, in a real life situation, and use myself as an example of how an everyday Christian, who is not perfect, works through life's little problems. My boss told me a few weeks ago that it wasn't my message that was making others I spoke with at work so pissed off; it was the way I was delivering it lol. So I pray I chose my words careful enough and that this message is a blessing to them that read it.

    God bless you all and see you guys on the water.
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    Good Read Jim...I think we are all susceptible to this at certain points in our life. I know that I have been and it IS a very hard nemesis to overcome. The neat thing is I gained some greater friends.

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    Well put Jim.

    Our Enemy is the great deciever, he's not always just going to jump in, He'll sneak in with you doubting yourself and questioning others. I applaud you for admiting how you reacted and realizing that the Holy Spirit was quietly telling you that you may be wrong. To hear that through the noise of life is awesome and I feel shows your relationship with God.

    I saw some of the Debate when it was on facebook, and even though I don't fish FoM,(due to family commitments while my boy's are still young, I've always admired the concept and reasoning behind the trail, and will try hard to fish it as they age and my schedule will allow). I see both sides of the debate, and as you said, I feel like first and formost FoM should be a way of decipleship and bringing people to know Jesus Christ. That is our mission as Christians.

    Finding ways to bring new faces and players to the tournaments and possibly having the oppertunity to share with them the something they have never heard or have never connected with is a awesome thing, although there may be ways that ruffle less
    I've also heard criticism about the friday night meeting and the 50 points associated with it, but without that meeting you lose the point of the trail which is sharing the Word, take the opportunity given, invite a friend or family member that may benifit from a inspirational story and get your 50 points.

    I love the idea and concept of FoM, and would love to find a partner and schedule that would let me fish them. I wholehartedly plan on it. The only thing I would suggest to them is a little more outreach, wether it be a youth event on Free Fishing day, or any number of things that invite newcomers in to share bass fishing and Jesus Christ.

    Thank You Jim, God Bless.

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    God bless you Jimbo.
    You cant catch'em if your baits not in tha water.

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    Very well written and said. I see myself in some of what I've read and will help me grow to a better person spiritually.
    Thanks again
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