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    I keep my boat in an outdoor boat lot at Pohick Regional Park. Upon upgrading my boat last year, I have come to realize that a 24-volt system is NOT condusive to taking the batteries in and out of the boat to cart home and recharge for every single trip.

    A solar battery charger was recommended by a few different people, but I don't have any specifics. There also aren't a ton of reviews out there on the different options that exixt.

    If anyone has any specific experience they can speak to, or recommendations for specific products, I would greatly appreciate it. My only other option currently is to arrive 2-3 hours early and charge the batteries at the ranger station at Pohick, which is a little challenging, as you can imagine.

    thanks in advance for any advice,

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    Do a web search for solar chargers and find one that has the capacity to recharge your batteries.
    I think you will give up on that idea.

    As far as letting batteries set uncharged after you use them and only putting in 2-3 hours of charging before you go fishing again, THAT is a battery killer. Batteries should be fully recharged shortly after use to have any significant lifetime.

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    Best option and why I have my boat where I do is find a storage place where you can plug in. Option 2 is get one of those chargers that charges TM batts while running so they don't get too discharged. Then get a portable generator and finish charging them when you are putting your boat up. Lastly use a solar system to maintain them.

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