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    First time on the chic. Had a club tournament on the chic Sunday. Practice day Saturday never really got into them. Caught a few on senko's and shakey heads. Had some blow-ups on frogs but no takers. We did alot of junk fishing in different areas trying to figure the river out. Ran towards the Dam Sunday morning and started catching them on swimbaits on the edge of the grass. Figured out what they wanted and the trolling motor decided it was done. Worked on it for over an hour to no avail, burnt some wires(guess a new trolling motor will get ordered soon). Trying to hold on spots with the big motor and the wind made for a tough day of fishing. Finished with 4 fish around 6lbs. Winning weight was around 13lbs for the club. Hope to come back down sometime and learn some more about the river, Looks like it could be fun after you get them figured out. And I want to give Kenjaco a big thank you for your help!!

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    Nice work, esp w/ the dead TM. Hope you get that sorted out quickly. It's all about sharing and learning. Keep the reports coming!

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