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Thread: Spark plug torque?

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    Default Spark plug torque?

    How many of you guys change your own spark plugs in your outboard? If you do, what do you torque them down to? Mercury recommends to torque my plugs to 20 ft. lbs. That seems a little tight to me and invites a thread stripping. The last few times I have changed mine, I have not used a torque wrench, but intend to start. Evidently, torqueing to proper lbs. is VERY necessary.
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    I change mine myself and have not used a torque wrench on them since 2000. I take them down to where they tight but not to the point they gonna strip. I do the same to the vehicles and have never had a problem yet. Guess its one of those"feel" things lol. Keep going till it feels right lol. Spoken like a true redneck ha ha
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    17 ft pounds for me Rude 70. Tightened every-time with a torque wrench

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