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Thread: Plot coming in nicely.

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    Disc in some manure Gsniper.
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    I have found that clover planted in the Fall does do that well but will explode in the Spring. I'm betting that come Spring that plot will look great. Clover should last about 3-5 years so you will only have to do maintenance on it over the summer (spray, mow, etc.) I haven't tried it yet but I'm almost think it would be better to plant clover in the Spring and then by Fall it should be rockin. May try it next Spring.

    We burned the plots last year before we planted but didn't have to do that this year really. We tilled them, added fertilizer and lime then tilled that in. Then seeded and cultipacked. Lucky for us we got a good soaking rain the next day. We have had pretty good success with the plots waiting until the first or second week of September to plant. The plot in my pic is 1.4 acres and has oats and peas. We have another that is 1.7 acres that has the same but a row of Whitetail Winter Greens in the center. Then our last plot is .75 acres and has oats and tall tine tubers in it. They all turned out really good. I'll take pics of the other 2 when I get back down there.

    I'll add a pic from last year of what the 1.7 acre plot looked like. We planted it the same way this year too. I'll add a pic of the buck I shot in it too.
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    Food plots are like cheating, just saying, you could simplify it and take a lot of work out of it and just dumps some apples and a couple bags of corn. Lol that'll get the ball rolling
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    I've found it works better if you put the corn and apples IN the foodplot. Some salt blocks too.

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