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Thread: Deer Hunting Photo Contest

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    Now THAT is awesome right there, Eric. Good on ya, Eddie. You gave that young man a lifelong memory.

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    This is my 2011 late season 10 pointer. Hunting with my dad on his property a few days after Christmas, I had told him we should sit through lunch and enjoy the crisp, cool weather instead of making our way down the mountain for a bite. At about 12:30pm, a bachelor group of four bucks munching on acorns made their way across the ridge toward me. The one leading the pack was a 10 pointer that started getting a little antsy. I knew I couldn't wait much longer, so I waited until he cleared the others and took my shot. As I sat beside the oak tree to settle my nerves and give thanks, it began to snow. It was another amazing day in the outdoors with my dad.
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    I'm relatively new to hunting so I have no monster buck stories nor was my first deer story terribly exciting but this is the best I have thus far. Here's the story. I had a chemistry lab that ran from 2:10-5:10 and the weather was perfect for a hunt, cool but not cold and rut was in. Sitting in class all I could think about was getting in the woods. Anyhow to make a long story short I rushed through my lab ( in hindsight not a good idea), ran to my car where I had all my camo clothes and climber stand. I left Randolph-macon at 3:55 got to my parents house at 4:05 p.m, was up the tree by 4:20, sat down opened a bag of trail mix to snack on and end up having to drop the bag bc by 4:25 this buck came cruising in hard and fast. I stopped him and by 4:30 he was on the ground.Name:  Deer.jpg
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    Was a winner decided?

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