Backwater Outcasts is a club out of Richmond, Va. Members range from Fredericksburg to Newport News, Va. We hold 5 club tournaments (once a month) and finish up with the Classic in October. What makes this club fun are the members and the rules. Boats are limited to a horsepower rating of 60hp and below. There is a 12" slot limit on the fish and you must fish 4 club tournaments to qualify for the classic. 2014 we fished Lake Anna, Rappahannock river, James river and the Chickahominy river. The setting for the tournaments are really friendly, informative and there is always people there willing to help you if you need it. We are always accepting new members. So if you have a boat that floats and the engine is 60hp and below, come on out and have a goodtime with us. For more information contact Daniel Rohrig at 804-310-7606 for next seasons schedule.