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    Has anyone used these products if so I'm curious as to how well they work, I'm hunting a spot I can't get a tractor or tiller to and I'd love to have plots in there even though there is natural food sources such as acorns

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    Here's my take for what it's worth. You will undoubtedly get some germination but for the reasons you likely can't get a tiller or tractor to where you wanna plant probably also makes it unsuitable for growing things. Even if you get it to germinate you will need adequate sunlight, soil nutrients,moisture, etc etc.

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    I used it once but it was on a freshly tilled field. It did pretty good but the conditions were good also. I know other people have tried it with marginal results but I think you definitely need fertilizer and lime to help it out.

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    I put this down in 2 different small areas last August / September.
    One area was a small patch of open trail that received a fair a mount of sun and the other was in the middle of the woods that maybe got 30% sun at most. The one on the trail that got the most sun did better. I also used a starter fertilizer along with lime. What I did notice, after reading online some of the comments on these products, is that they all contain better than 90% ryegrass which came up great. The other seed blend did come up but hardly noticeable. According to my trailcams....the deer and turkey liked them both.

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