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Thread: new member in NoVA, fishing from the Occoquan

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    Default new member in NoVA, fishing from the Occoquan

    Hi guys,

    Moved my boat down to Hoffmasters on the Occoquan last year after keeping it up in DC for a few seasons, and trying to get out as much as possible. I've got a lot to learn about fishing here though, as the only other fishing I've done is saltwater down in Hampton Roads. Looking forward to learning from everyone on the board.

    If you fish in that area, see you out there.


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    Welcome Stephen. Glad to have you aboard.
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    Welcome to Va Outdoors Stephen.
    Crank That Jank!

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    Welcome Stephen. Good fishing in the Occoquan River.
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    Welcome aboard. What size and kind of boat do you have to be at Hoffmasters? I assume a pretty big mainly fish for Stripers or Cat's, or do you run down past the 301?

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    welcome, Stephen!

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    Thanks for all "welcomes"!

    Squire, I have a Grady White Sportsman 180 that I keep on the trailer. At $90 a month it's a lot cheaper than a slip and since they have a ramp it's super easy to put in whenever I want to go out.

    So far I have mostly fished for cats relatively close to the marina, with some attempts at bass as well. I haven't been down to the 301 bridge yet, but my goal is to do that this season. Last season my "biggest" trips were an attempt at Bass in the Mattawoman creek (tough with the Grady), and a try at fishing around the high-tension line pylons by Possum Point. Both times I had no idea what I was doing though, so nothing very exciting happened.

    Anyone have good numbers for how long it takes to get down to the 301 bridge area from the Occoquan?

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