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Thread: Minn Kota EMI problem.

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    Default Minn Kota EMI problem.

    Anyone know if there is a gizmo in the TM lower unit that would cause and or is designed to reduce or prevent electro magnetic interference. My depth finders experience overwhelming interference when using the lower speed settings in the trolling motor. I popped the head off looking for a possible blown fuse but there isn't one. What I did find is the wire insulation on the ground wire going to the lower unit is melted down to the point that the copper wires are exposed = pulling to many amps. Worn brushes can cause this as well as dirty or corroded connections. Fighting thick grass on high will cause it too. I will deal with and repair the obvious but not sure what's all in the lower unit. Any guess's?
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    Have you tried adding the choke to the transducer cable? I'm sure you have checked the cable for any nicks ,especially where water meets it. If the power cables from the finder and Tm run side by side somewhere, that will cause interference. If the indicator on the top head is out of tuned , it will mess with the magnets and brushes in the lower unit which will also cause interference with the your electronics. Numerous things it can be. Just have to eliminate one at a time.
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