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Thread: 2015 Polar Bear Fundraiser Event

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    Default 2015 Polar Bear Fundraiser Event

    Polar Bear Tourney results.
    Sunday, February 8, 2015
    Water Temps hovering at 39-42 at APM (morning temps to afternoon temps).
    We had 5 boats that attended yesterday’s event on Lake Anna. It was a beautiful day out there, w/ afternoon highs reaching 71 degrees, so not your typical ‘Polar Bear’ type of event (however, Team Dirt’s boat was frozen to the trailer at launch time, so we tried to keep to true form).
    This event was for a good cause and bragging rights (as always). No trophies and very little pay out. I was very impressed, and humbled, by the amount of support for this event, which was brought about by hearing news of a little boy named Caden Thorn, who was recently diagnosed w/ Leukemia. This hit me really hard, as I have a 2 little girls, 5 and 8. You guys really stepped up and I really appreciate it.
    Entry fees were $40/boat, w/ all but $5/boat going to the Thorn family to help out w/ expenses. We (VAO Family) raised $175 for the Thorns from entry fees alone. Above and beyond that, again-so thankful for all your support, VAO'ers have made additional donations, both during the event, and by sending me via mail, donations to pass along to the Thorns. THANK YOU ALL WHO PROVIDED ADDITIONAL DONATION SUPPORT!!!! All total, the VAO Family is going to be sending $905 to the Thorn Family. This is truly amazing in that this was just set up in under a 1 week time frame. WOW!!! You guys are GREAT and responded so gratefully!
    What a Great God we serve and the fellowship we have w/ VAO. This is what its’ all about. Coming together in a time of need. I’m truly blessed to be a part of such a great organization, a great Family. Thanks Guys!
    As for the fishing, the lake gave up some good fish to a few of us; others, not so much. But that’s just typical for LKA. 1st place went to Carl and Jeff w/ just 4 fish totaling 15 lbs even. They took the $25 winner take all prize for the day. They had some great fish including a 5.40 and 4.85. They reported catching their fish on a jig and jerkbaits. Great job guys, and really nice fish. You were on the right ones, and 1 more like them, you would have had a 20lb bag. Awesome. In 2nd place were Nate and Eric, with 5 fish at 10.55 lbs. They reported catching their fish on blade baits, sometimes w/ doubles during a flurry of action off of one particular spot they fished. Since we did this as a “Winner Take All” format, we didn’t weigh in any other Teams, but I believe that all Teams had fish to weigh….. Sorry.
    I hope to have a more formal fundraiser style tourney, scheduled more in advance, w/ sponsors and donations from area companies to support this cause. Timing is TBD but I will look at the upcoming schedules on the Lake to do this maybe in the next couple of months. It’s most likely going to be a tourney w/ less than the normal payout, w/ a small portion going back to the top Team or 2, w/ other prizes for 3rd place and below. I’m hoping to keep it at a low entry fee, but I’m still in the planning stages.
    Thanks again to everyone that was involved, and I apologize for the short notice making it difficult for some of you to join us yesterday. It was a huge success in a short turnaround and couldn’t be done without your support. It was also a great day to be on the water fishing, even if some of us didn’t catch anything.
    I will try to post pics later on this afternoon. Still need to figure it out.

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    Nice job putting something together so quickly Son. VAO rocks.
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    Ditto what Larry said. Prayers for Caden and his family continue.
    Keep us updated Lee on the other fundraiser tournament. I'm available to help out however I can.
    Crank That Jank!

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    Great tournament for a great cause Lee! Good job putting this together!

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    Great job Lee and fellow VAO friends. A top notch group indeed. I enjoyed seeing those of you that made it out for such a great cause. And Squire, thanks for your hospitality and for sharing your knowledge. Will plan on attending all events that I can. Especially fundraisers. E and Natron, enjoyed catching up!

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