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Thread: Spiral wraping guides on bait casters

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    Default Spiral wraping guides on bait casters

    Just one of many reasons why John Ballard "spiral wraps" the guides on a JB Custom Rod. The line will never touch the Rod blank on a JB Rod. Spiral wrapping guides prevents the rod from twisting out of shape when fighting big bass or any game fish. Even on the "wimpy" Rod blanks that's common for crappie etc. It keeps you in control when battling big bass = fewer lost fish. Plus it aids in better and more powerful hook sets.
    Spiral wrapping the guides cannot be easily mass produced and therefore the Primary reason why you haven't seen major Rod manufactures move to it on their rods. Just one more reason to own a JB "Custom" Rod.
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    My favorite frog and jig rod is spiral wrapped. It really does feel better when you're fighting a fish. I love it.

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    +1 on the Jb customs. I am the owner of several and love them. I will be purchasing more this year and hope to fill all my needs strictly with their line up. Great action, great rods, period.
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