I got there at 5:30am and was the only car in the lot. Rigged up and put my lines in at 6:30, all baited with bloodworm. Man it was nice to have the whole beach to myself! It was kinda windy but not cold. Rain was off and on all day.

Got my first bite at 8 but didn't put the first fish on the beach until 45 minutes later. I was getting a lot of bites but not hooking many, there were definitely a lot of little fish out there. Eventually I picked up a 24-25" striper and a couple more little runts.

Finally around 11 I got a better bite and brought in this big girl. Pic doesn't really show how fat she was, she was a tank.

I was still the only one on the beach so I just got a quick timer pic and sent her on her way without a measurement.

Finally the wind shifted, the water flattened out, and fog rolled in. The bite slowed down too. Got one or two more little runts and then for the last 5 hours I only had a couple bites and didn't land anything. A few more fishermen eventually showed up but for the most part the beach was mine all day.

Couldn't have asked for a better day