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    Default Buggs - 5/1 to 5/3

    My wife and I finally got a weekend away!!! This weekend was initially booked as a 'Father/Son' outing back in January, but as we got closer my wife said she wanted to go, and I ultimately dropped the boys (including a couple of you dudes who were gonna join us) and made it a weekend getaway for my wife and I. We hadn't had a single night completely 'off', much less a full weekend, since November 2013, shortly before our 3rd son was born.

    I was hoping to fish a bit on Friday, but the weather was pretty crappy all day. We took our time getting down to Occoneeche SP (OSP), and upon arrival just went for a walk. We aren't hikers or walkers, so the primary purpose was really just to find a good spot for me to pull the boat up to on Saturday to pick her up. As always, this time of year the lake was beautiful.

    The first thing I noticed upon arrival was how dirty the water was up that way. Even the park ranger said that it was abnormally dirty, and that it just got that way recently. I was a little thrown off on this, but figured the dirtier the water, then the tighter they'll be to bushes. I started Saturday morning about 6:30 and ran across the lake from OSP to hit some main lake points and pockets. I didn't spend any time really on the point as I went in, and went pretty much straight to flipping bushes with a black blue Flappin' Hog. Within maybe 20-min I had my first bite, and it was a healthy keeper. It ate in the very back of the pocket, deep in a bush and shallow. Point taken. Inside that pocket, I went around a secondary point, and while doing so picked up the spinner bait and on the 2nd or 3rd cast hooked up on another healthy keeper, but it came off. Point taken.

    I continued to move thru this one bigger pocket flipping to bushes and floating docks, and I managed several keepers back in that area. I also landed my biggest fish of the weekend at 3.88 on a floating dock. Of note, all my floating dock fish came from between the first to third pontoon depending on the slope of the bank.

    I then ran over to Grassy looking for cleaner water, and maybe more fish...but no luck. After a bit, I ran back uplake and picked up the wife for the afternoon. From about noon to 3 or 3:30 I fished various areas, points, pockets and such up in Panhandle. Again, no luck. The water was cleaner, warmer and I could see a few fish, but they were not interested. I did have multiple bites though, and I probably missed 5 fish in a row and was just flat out getting pissed. The fish were biting off the tail, and/or just picking it up, and never getting the hook. Definitely bedding fish (that I couldn't see) who were just moving the bait away. While up there though, I did notice that they were pulling water. The mud lines pulling off points were pretty obvious, and I remembered back to the one SB fish that came off earlier in the morning. I decided to run back up lake to the rocky points that I knew and throw the SB with the current pulling.

    This was the move that I really needed after missing so many bites. Within just a cast or two on the first point, I landed a nice 2-1/2lber. The next point, same thing...and the next, same thing. Every point was good for 1 or 2 fish, and after a bit I could just about call my shots based on the point, the current, and the couple of rocks that could be seen just under the surface. In about an hour I ran the down river point at 4 pocket entrances and managed 7 fish in about an hour. I also landed a pretty good sized pickeral too. We finished the day up about 5pm and did dinner at the Lake House restaurant in Clarksville.

    Sunday was going to be a short day due to checkout. I had 2 hours or so early, then would have to pull the boat and go help get the cabin packed up and cleaned out by 10am. I started a little earlier, and got out before any other boats. It was a very sweet moment to have the lake all to myself, come off plane and look out to see an absolutely beautiful sunrise.

    Rather than throw the SB on the points Sunday morning, I opted for the topwater. I broke out a Gunfish and picked up exactly where I left off from Saturday afternoon. Same deal...the down lake point going into the pockets held the fish, and I could just about call the cast and when the fish would eat. It was pretty cool to actually have them that figured out. I had a small limit withing an hour, and at that point I decided to head into one pocket and just work it over for an hour or so. I hooked up on 3 more fish in there and had a little over 10lbs when I went to go get checked out. After clearing out, we came back out and fished for 2 more hours and I caught another 3 or 4 flipping the hog in the bushes.

    So, despite my initial misgivings about the dirty water, and after running around a bit on Saturday, I ended up catching all my fish for the weekend in 3-4 pockets and on their outside points within' about 2-3 miles of OSP. That said, this weekend was a huge confidence builder for me. It really was fun to pull up on something and just 'know' that a fish would be there. I can't recall any time that I've ever had things that dialed in. Couple that with the Sunday morning topwater bite with beautiful sunrise, and it was perfect. I certainly wasn't on tournament winning fish, but I wasn't too concerned with that. I just wanted to catch some fish. I weighed all my keepers though, and would have had about 12lbs on Saturday, and just short of 11lbs for my 1/2 day on Sunday.

    ...but's back to reality with 'My Three Sons'
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    Cool deal E......Nice write up...

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    Thanks for the report, Erik. Sounds like a fun time. I need to check that place out.

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    Awesome pics and report, Erik. Well done on all accounts.

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    Sounds like an awesome weekend spent fishing... with the wife! Great pics and great report bud!

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    Awesome pics and reports EK.....glad you all had a good weekend!
    I'm about to play my Ace

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    Glen Allen


    Sounds Good, glad you guys had a nice trip!

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    Nice report, sounds like a great weekend. Always good to get away for the weekend.
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    Great report man. Im happy you got "away" a little. Even good dads need a little break now and then
    You cant catch'em if your baits not in tha water.

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    thanks, heading there this weekend, camping and fishing around Rudds... hoping the topwater bite is good. I always hit the bushes pretty good.... Joe

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