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    Our 3rd club stop of the year was on SML this past weekend and me and Mike were both looking for a little redemption after the tough fishing we experienced there last fall. We launched out of Hardy Ford and ran down lake a ways and started off on a point at the mouth of a cove..lots of bait, no takers. We worked our way down lake into another creek arm and still no baits. It was now about 8:30 or so and the only bite we had had up to this point was a small blow up I had on a gunfish. Doubts were starting to creep in and we decided to move down lake a little further. We pulled into a little main lake cut and Mike hammered a really nice small mouth and about a minute later I connected on another nice small mouth on a jerkbait. We worked are way around the cut and picked up another. After that we established a pretty good pattern of hitting mainlake cuts and cuts in the outer 1/3 of the bigger creeks. The fish were only holding in the very backs of the cuts and they were in just about every one. We culled through 20-30 fish and saw a lot of really large bass that just weren't interested in much. In restrospect I wish I had a prop bait to throw because it seemed like ideal conditions to throw one. Swimbaits did most of the damage and water temps were mid 70's. Lake Anna has nothing on SML when it comes to rec boats, woof. There was a poker run going on with cigar boats and those things do not play.

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    Great job Aaron.

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    I quit going to Smith about the first of May, on weekends anyway, that place is crazy busy. Good job on finding a good pattern. Next time you're up there in May, try a wacky hooked Slug Go around the brush.

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    Nice job on the brown fish! That had to be fun catching all those! Good job!

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    Nice report.
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