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Thread: Abel Reservoir 24 May

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    Default Abel Reservoir 24 May

    24 May 15 Abel Reservoir
    Iíve hit the North end of Abel Reservoir a few times and worked the areas around the boat launch.
    I always saw lots of folks launch small boats with trolling motors but I never ran into them again while I was out.
    It made me curious. Anyway, I did a map study and figured I could paddle down to the other end. My plan was
    to start the day with the sun coming up over Abel and spend the whole thing on the water.

    Woke up at 5 and was out the door. Got two coffees, lunch, ice, some Gatorade and was at the launch by 6.
    I was third in line to put my kayak in the water. No matter, got launched and worked the shallow end. Caught two
    9 inch bass right away and missed a few tiny bass that took a swipe at my frog. Things are looking good as I started my
    way South toward the dam.

    Did I mention Abel is big? And long.

    So now it is around 11:00 and I have unhooked a grand total of 3 nine inch bass. Iím starting to question this whole plan.
    My BPH (bass per hour) is miserable and Iím still nowhere near the end of this thing (although I am a looooong way
    from the ramp) At least it is a nice day.

    So far Iíve thrown; hollow body frog, swimming toad (3 colors), Spinnerbait, Chatterbait, Senko, Swimbait, and a jig and craw.
    Bass are interested in nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    Did I mention Abel is big? Bigger than the map looks and the shoreline is all the same. Steep drop offs, few weeds and lots of lay

    I eat my sandwich and feel like packing a lunch may be the smartest thing I did all day. I now see the dam but have had enough
    and am getting ready to do the paddle of shame back to the ramp. Anyway, there is a lay down and a bunch of sticks piled up on the
    shore. I toss the senko over that way.

    I feel the tap as the worm crosses the log and set the hook. The rod bends and the fish is takes line. Iím pretty sure I said ďplease
    donít come offĒ out loud. The pile of sticks I mentionedÖÖbeaver lodge. Guess who shows up to tail splash the water and
    circle around behind me? Of course. Anyway, I get the my hand on the fish and it ends up being great. 6 pounds, 22 inches.
    I take a few pics (avoid the beaver) and get her back in the water.

    I work the shoreline on the way home, but there is no way Iím going to catch another one like that. I spent about 8 hours on the water

    Few thoughts:
    I still havenít figured out Abel. (If anybody has suggestions, Iím all ears)
    There is always one fish that keeps you coming back.
    7:59 minutes of absolutely nothing + 0:01 minute of catching a good fish = a great day on the water!

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    A six pounder is well worth the time you put in. I was out at Claytor today and did absolutely nothing.
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    awesome fish, dood.

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    Nice recap and nice fish. Congrats
    Crank That Jank!

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    Nice bass for sure. Thanks for the report.
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    Beautiful end to an otherwise tough day! Haven't been to Abel in years but that's bigger than anything I caught there. Nicely done! It is definitely a long lake, and let me tell you it sucks to be all the way down near the dam when a storm rolls in, even when you have a trolling motor!

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    Can anyone tell me when in the Fall or Spring Abel Lake is drawn down too far to launch a canoe? it looks like a very beautiful lake. It is a shame that Spotsylvania County closes our lakes so early in the Fall.

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    Great recap and great fish. They don't come along too often, and yes, it's like the perfect golf shot out of the 100+ strokes. Its that one that keeps you coming back.

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