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    Lee and I fished yesterday with 36 other worthy anglers. This is our 6th (I think), St. Judes Tournament on the river and it was by far our worst showing. We had pre-fished a total of 5 days in the last 10, with no pattern, not many bites and certainly not much in the way of grand expectations. Tide was totally opposite of what we had pre-fished and the days we did fish ranged from overcast to sunny and absolutely NO wind. WELL.......the wind changed all of that and blew our limited spots all to hell. We started in a spot in Mattowoman next to Smallwood that has underwater pilings and debris. We had caught a couple of fish their in practice. Nada. Went next in behind Marsh Island to an old underwater boat dock that has been sunken for as long as I can remember and fished that hard. It is usually good for a couple of fish. With nothing to show there, Lee started throwing a Pop-R on the outside of the grass there and landed two 2 lbers on almost back to back casts. We stayed there for a bit and by now the tide was dead at low. Went over to our usual grass flat behind Thoroughfare Island and nada. We decided to go out to the mouth of Mattowoman to some wood we found along the east side of the river but when we hit the river......yep.....3 ft. rollers. My fractured tail bone can't take that anymore. Came back into the spot we started on and intruded on Steve and Mike for a bit doing our Pete O'Donnell imitation. Sorry dudes. Fished an hour there waiting on tide. Again....nothing to show but two white perch (by me). Left there and decided to take the beating down to Chickamuxen where Lee had found a few fish last Thursday on the SE bank grass. NW wind had that blown out so we ventured further up into the Chick and ran into Team Timex / One armed paper hanger again. Frogged and frogged and chattered and flipped but to no avail. Ran into the Powells Creek train trestle pilings for the last 1/2 hour and nada. With two fish for maybe 4.5 lbs we headed in, put it on the trailer and left without going to the weigh in. Sorry dudes......just didn't feel like chatting up about a miserable day. A worthy cause again and thanks to Russ for putting it together. The fishermen came through again this year and raised $4000 for St. Judes Children. Hats off to you guys. Next year we will get them. I did put a "bug" in Russ's ear about how bad the river is fishing and that if it's this bad next year, he may want to look at some other body of water. Anna?....hint hint.
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    Thanks for the recap Larry. Tougher fishing out there this year for sure. Good cause though.
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    Thanks for the recap Larry. Miserable fishing but the kids sure appreciate it. Well done fellas!
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