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Thread: Any all frog results?

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    Default Any all frog results?

    Title says it all.

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    Carl and jeff won with 6 lbs
    Lee and larry were second.
    The bite sucked.
    Heard the ironman was moved to anna

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    threw white, black, green, and leopard hollow bodied frogs all day...also three black/red, chartreuse, green pumpkin, and silver buzz frogs.....such a lack of grass and only four bites the whole day.

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    All my bites and the only 3 fish I caught all day were on a leopard poping frog, the bite was horrible and the best bites came when the high tide droped to the grass was on top again. Did fish a lot of open water above grass and managed 1 our biggest bass but that was the only hit in open water. IMO the Potomac is hurting bad, dispite the other nice bags I heard reported from various tournaments. It was mostly feast or famine. This time of year 3 fish on a frog all day! Ouch!
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    Left the results sheet in my truck... Will have up by tomorrow morning. Long story short, it SUCKED!! Saturday for the wounded warriors should be interesting...

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    I had two bites all day and neither got in the boat. Leopard popping frog got the bites. Fished the beach, some backwaters in Aquia on high tide, Mallows, Chickamuxen with nothing to show for it. Ugh.
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