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Thread: 2015 VAO Frog-Only Event Results

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    Default 2015 VAO Frog-Only Event Results

    What a brutal day it was out there! Thanks again for everyone who decided to come out and fish and thank you Mike for bringing your scales (and Larry for bringing backups) and helping with the weigh in as well. Much appreciated. Results are as follows (this tournament was a 3 fish limit):

    1. Skeet1 and Ranger374 3 fish for 6.45 lbs and big bass at 2.89 lbs
    2. Team Dirt 1 fish for 2.63 lbs and big snakehead at 10.47 lbs
    3. Kickin Bass and Rysanek 1 fish for 2.24 lbs
    4. Deluxejunk and Redeye 0 fish
    4. Aquiatracker and Meagan and Tyler 0 fish
    4. MattyP and Toxic 0 fish
    4. RockvilleMDangler and Bigdomzbassing 0 fish

    The results say it all... It sucked!!!! More snakeheads were caught than bass. Pretty crazy. Next year I plan on hosting this event again for whoever would like to come on the Chick to mix it up. So hopefully in 365 days, we can have some redemption.

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    Wow that is really slow. Bet it was fun anyway though, nothing beats froggin.

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    I recall seeing someone post on another board how great and healthy the river is, and there are ton's of 20lb bags being caught... Sad to see the river I learned to cut my teeth on 30yrs ago, fishing worse then it was then...

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    had not heard that..but the fishing is sure seems to have slowed down, especially for the TX's that are out. To be honest, I have had a pretty god time of it this year myself. Are you getting to the River much? I look for you but have not seen you in a god bit.

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    I would be down for a Chick event next year! Assuming we have some fish left to catch after this summers beating!

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions

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