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That's a beaut. I have no experience with live wells, but remember all the tricks I'd try to keep minnows alive in the Richmond heat. I'd often drop the bait bucket in the river tied to the john boat, but I also learned putting the bucket in the cooler with a lot of ice worked just as well. Those little tablets and aerators werent as effective as the cooler trick. I think the more ice idea is worth a try based on that. I've heardnof guys freezing a lot of water bottles and dropping them in the live well throughout the day. That might be a good way to keep it cool and not expose the fish to the tap water as it melts.
I'm going to try the frozen water bottle deal next time. We've never had a problem like this before. We haven't done anything different from past years so I'm not sure what's different now buy we'll get it figured out. I hate not hearing 5 alive when we get to the stage!