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Thread: The cashes. Egypt Bend Fishing Report

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    Default The cashes. Egypt Bend Fishing Report

    Finally got the wife out on the Cat for the first time. Her Gunnar and I took a afternoon trip to the doah. Pulled into the lot and couted 8 trailers and numerous jet ski's as well.

    We put in and went to the dam and just messed around out of the traffic for a bit. No bites but the waves were crashing the shore like we were at the beach. LOL
    So we run all the way up to the rapids so gunnar can throw his little crank and not get stuck in the trees...Haha. We had a ball catching dink smallies. We could see them following his crank and eating it. We had a lot of fun doing this. All in all we caught 10 fish, nothing of any size, but in the end that doesn't really matter. I let the boy swim a bit then we fished our way down some and it what time to go. Mommy missed the Baby.

    My wife is a champ. I rigged up a jump box to a ac converter and we took her breast pump so we could stay longer. It worked and she was done and back fishing in a heart beat. I love her so much...LOL It was a great day, turning 39 and spending it with my loves.

    The water was clear, 78-80deg. we caught them on cranks and senkos.

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    Awesome Cash, glad you had a great day. getting out and spending time with the family is what its all about!

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    cool deal sounds like a great day

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    did you say senkos! bet ya'll had a blast!
    I'm about to play my Ace

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